When Was The Last Time You Serviced Your Garage Door?

Don’t Neglect Your Garage Door

garage door winter servicedYour garage is a handy area. It’s good for storage. In winter, it’s a great place to park your car to keep it from getting to cold. Many people will have small workshops in their garage for DIY projects. It can be very useful.

A poorly-maintained garage door severely hampers the convenience, though. Without proper maintenance, you can have trouble opening the door, or it could be a way to let heat escape during the cold months. Here in Cache Valley, that can really kill you on your energy bill. So, here’s a question you should be asking yourself: when was the last time I serviced my garage door?

How Often Should I Service My Garage Door?

That’s a pretty good question.  You should have your garage door serviced at least once a year if you have no other problems in that time. Routine service will greatly prolong the life of your garage door. Preventative maintenance – tightening the bolts and screws, adjusting the spring tension, etc. – is critical to keep it from wearing out. The cost of replacing your door if it breaks, or even replacing just a few parts, is much higher than the cost of proper maintenance, so don’t neglect it if you want to save some money.

Why Can’t I Service It Myself?

“The maintenance is expensive,” I hear you say. “Can’t I save some money and just service it myself? It doesn’t look too hard.” Well, there are a few things you can and should do on your own. I’ll go over those next, but even so, you still need to have a professional check it out once a year. For one, a professional knows what to look for to spot potential problems before they become expensive repair jobs. The real reason you need a professional, however, is because parts of the garage door are dangerous to tamper with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially the cables and torsion adjustment, which are under high tension to operate the door. If you adjust them wrong, or don’t handle them properly, they can snap, leading to severe injury. For your own safety, you should leave that up to the professional.

What Do I Do Myself?

At least once a month, you should do a quick check-up of a few simple things.garage door openers

  • Check the alignment.
  • If your garage door has windows, check for broken glass.
  • Listen for odd noises, like clicks, or a mechanical whine.
  • Make sure the door closes completely without any issues.

Take note of any issues you find while doing this examination. If you do have a problem, this info can help a technician find and fix the problem much faster.

To check the alignment, first you have to disconnect the opener. Then, attempt to open the door with your hands. The door should open smoothly. If it requires excessive force, or if it catches on anything, you may have something wrong with the alignment. A service technician can help you diagnose and correct the problem.

You should also check up and make sure the sensor is working correctly. Modern automatic garage doors will always have a sensor to stop the garage door from closing if something passes under the door. When doing your test, use a broom and swing it past the sensor. The door should reverse direction while closing. If it doesn’t, call up a technician to get the problem fixed. In the meantime, keep pets and children away from the door for their own safety.

Good To Go

If you follow on these monthly check-ups, you’ll be able to spot the more common problems. Then you’ll know if you need to call in a technician to get it fixed. Even so, there are some problems that only a trained technician can reliably catch. That’s why it’s important to have your garage door serviced at least once a year. If it’s been a while since you’ve had it serviced, now would be a good time to call us and schedule an inspection.  Getting on top of it now will save you more money and hassle in the future.

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