What Does Your Garage Door Do For Curb Appeal?

Curb Appeal

garage doorCurb Appeal is the attractiveness of a house’s exterior as seen from the road. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that it’s not what’s outside, but what’s inside that matters. Well, when it comes to houses, most people will never see the inside – especially not your messy basement storage room, thank goodness. Therefore, the exterior of the house is just as important. When it comes to getting strong curb appeal, the garage door is one of the most overlooked aspects. It’s a shame, because the right design for a garage door can do wonders for your house.

Why Does It Matter?

Everybody focuses on the front door and that seems reasonable. Every guest who comes to your house is going to see it and go through it. You want it to give a good first impression to visitors. The problem with that line of thought is that the front door isn’t the first thing people see. When people drive by, or drive up to your house, the first thing they’ll see is the garage door. It’s the biggest individual element of your home. So, if you want strong curb appeal, you need a good looking garage door. Here are some ways you can achieve that.

1. Contrast

contrast and styleOne of the most important elements of design is contrast. The human brain is a pattern-seeker, and contrast is an effective way to spot patterns. Therefore, if you build effective contrast into your house’s design, the eye will be drawn to it and appreciate it more. With the garage door being the largest thing that people will see, most people try to minimize attention by making it the same color as the main body of the home. This doesn’t work because the door still has a clear shape, so it creates a pattern to draw attention. When it’s the same color as the rest of the house, it looks bland and uninteresting.

What you should do instead is paint your garage door a color that complements the rest of your house in some way. Is your house gray or creamy-colored? A nice, dark and woody color will do wonders for its appearance. The garage door will pop, giving the eye something to appreciate when it’s inevitably drawn to it.

2. Consistency of Style

If you live in your own home and not an apartment complex, your home probably has its own, distinct style from the time it was built. Perhaps you intentionally styled your house after a particular era. If you want to enhance your curb appeal, it would be a good idea for the style of garage door to match it.

Say your house is built in the colonial style of architecture, with sharp arches, brick porches, and utilitarian doors and windows. It’s a wonderful style, but you can ruin the aesthetic if you then insert a big, steel garage door somewhere in it. Instead, a garage door with a wooden look, gentle curving arch up top, and a few windows to match the main door style would fit better.

Picking a garage door style that’s consistent with the rest of your home is critical to making it look good.

3. The Right Materials

Chic secure designWhile a wooden garage door might fit with the style of your house, you should think carefully before you actually go for real wood. Wood takes a lot of maintenance to keep in good condition. It absorbs moisture and will start to rot if it isn’t properly treated. In drier climates, this isn’t that much of a problem, and the look and feel of real wood might add to it. It’s all a matter of knowing what material will work best for the style as well as the location. If real wood would be too much trouble to maintain, there are plenty of artificial materials that can mimic the appearance. For more modern homes, steel or aluminum might be more fitting, again depending on the colors of the rest of your home. The important thing is to make sure it compliments the rest of the house.

4. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is important for safety purposes. Obviously, you need to be able to see while you’re working in your front yard. Lighting can also serve to improve the curb appeal, too. No matter how much the design and color of your garage door compliments the rest of your house, a poorly lit front yard is off-putting. It gives the house a sense of unpleasant vacancy. You want your house to look like a nice place to live, not a place someone might go to hide.

You can also select different styles of lighting fixtures to compliment your house design. Colonial style houses would benefit from lamp-like lighting fixtures, for example. Just like with the garage door itself, the lighting should compliment the rest of the home.

Make Your Home Stand Out

Curb Appeal Garage DoorsYour garage door is the largest single part of your house. It’s going to draw attention no matter what you do, so you want to make sure it looks good. You need to put as much thought into its design as you would your front door. It should be properly lit, stylistically consistent, and make good use of color contrast to make it pop in a pleasing way when people look at it. A good design will really improve the curb appeal of your home.

If you’re looking for the right garage door, or want to upgrade your home to improve its curb appeal, we’re ready to help you out. If you need to have some maintenance done to make sure your door is in good working condition, we’re there for that, too. Whatever your garage door needs, get in touch with us (link to contact) and let us know how we can help. We service all garage door brands and styles on the market. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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